Passion for research

High-level market research

Curiosity drives our perception; research is our passion! What we do best is leaving traditional marketing paths and taking new directions. What enables us to do so? Our never-ending passion for research, the application of outside the box-methodologies, agile market research concepts, as well as our analytical view on internal company processes. Find out more about our methodologies >>>

Striking results through changes of perspective

Walking yet unknown paths increases local knowledge. Changing one’s point of view will lead to new perspectives and thus new insights. We initiate these changes of perspective for you. We help you to get a clear picture by applying qualitative market research and strategic communication consultation, individually tailored to your company’s needs and products. We bring the relevant insights to light and reveal market gaps enabling you to walk more profound marketing paths. Find out more about our services >>>

Those who know the way are able to navigate smarter

The insights we deliver enable you to:


> plan ahead more precisely
> thrill your target groups and get to know them better
> create new campaigns and product ideas
> develop more profound marketing strategies
> put your product in the spotlight


Forscherdrang will deliver you the compass for your effective corporate strategy.
Let us convince you with our passion for research!

Denise Sindermann & Hannes Matthiessen