Fixed stars serve as point of reference

Qualitative market research: Small samples, huge results!

Qualitative research is an established methodology within the scope of empirical social research. Its aspiration is to holistically capture our complex reality. In contrast to quantitative studies it uses small samples to find patterns within “chaotic structures” – analogous to constellations in the sky, providing us orientation. In this manner, behavior can be understood and even be predicted. The results of qualitative research are representative on a functional level and thus serve as a solid basis of profound empirical consulting.

Our innovative methodologies are our USP

Next to the “market research classics” we offer you innovative methodologies if it makes sense to leave the conventional market research paths. Doing this, we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel but the way how it rolls: we smartly combine different methodological approaches according to the strategic questions.

Our methodologies



> Online focus groups and online chats


> Short and long-term communities


> Social media listening (analysis of online communication)


> Research designs using VR-technology




> Strategy and implementation workshops

as study follow-up

as stand-alone after analysis of available data (e.g. desk research)


> Consumer & co-creation workshops


> Ideation workshops


> Design sprints as part of the “design thinking approach”




> Reducing complexity, simplifying processes

Specific project steps are practically integrated into ongoing strategic processes


> Agile analysis and result processing

> Your key-outcomes will be visually appealing executed in a didactical effective manner

·  results in power-slide format

·  clear and meaningful charts

·  via video-reporting




> Qualitative “pre-phases” as basis for quantifications, questionnaire optimization, persona studies etc.


> In-depth and explorative approaches

>  Single or duo interviews

>  Morphologic in-depth interviews

>  (Mini-) Group discussions


> Usage & attitude studies


> Baseline studies

We accompany you with our methodological consulting, moderation, analysis to the final reporting. We provide you with business recommendations which we may even kick off together in the implementation of practical workshops.

Our study contexts and designs