Our home port

As a German tongue twister says: “In Ulm, around Ulm and surrounding Ulm!”

We are frequently asked why of all things are we doing research in Ulm as the established capitals of market research are Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.


Well, the answer is quite simple: We have experienced big city life for many years and appreciate the deceleration that living in Ulm brings with it. As researchers, we are used to travelling a lot and are always glad to return to our calm home port Ulm.

DENISE SINDERMANN bearer of a diploma in communication psychology and lecturer for advertising and business psychology at different universities. In her more than ten years of professional experience in the field she worked for renowned companies like A&B One and Ipsos. Her methodological focus lies on in-depth psychology; the exploration of unconscious motivations and behavioral patterns as basis for human decision making.



HANNES MATTHIESSEN holds a diploma of business psychology and worked

as certified systemic coach. During his more than eight years of professional experience he worked for Ipsos as well as Added Value of which he spent nine months in Paris. Due to his systemic education he possesses a broad methodological repertoire dealing with diverse target groups. While interacting with people he senses customer needs that he turns into rich insights.